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I am a new and aspiring screenwriter with a special place in my heart for the horror genre. My first and current screenplay project is a one hour TV pilot centered on three friends trying to do good deeds with the help of malignant entities. It is a wholly original work, but if I do my job properly it would be safe to say that fans of shows like the classic X-Files and American Horror Story would enjoy my series as well.

While I wholeheartedly believe that every writer has a sacred duty to find and utilize his own unique voice, I've found a good deal of inspiration in Alan Watt's The 90 Day Screenplay, and my workflow thus far is very similar to the one presented there. I like to let my characters inform my plot, and I like the traditional three act structure as a container for allowing them to speak.

My hope is to learn and share with likeminded writers from any and all genres. I am particularly intrigued by well-written, inclusive character casts, and I'd love to solve the riddle of being open-minded, inclusive, and equal toward all genders and ethnic groups without creating "token black guys" and "girls who do science". I would go so far as to call that my primary goal as a screenwriter - although high body counts is a close second.

Scripts By Robert

Sell Your Soul
A missing teenager resurfaces seven years after his disappearance with superhuman powers, and a dire warning for his sister.
TV Pilot Horror Example of work only 20pp