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Robert Seabridge

My mother was an animator for Walt Disney and worked on Pinocchio. My father was a machinist/welder/teacher. Together they begot me, an artist/figurative sculptor and aspiring screenwriter. I've taught college, high school, and trade school. I'm a voracious reader.

My writing experience includes 58 issues of the Courtyardian, a neighborhood newsletter. I'm also the editor and art director. The Courtyardian is a light-hearted goof poking fun at the goings-on in my Melrose Place-Like bungalow village. It is here that I assume the nom de plume 'Robert Seabridge'. My actual name is Robert Schuchman, but it sounds like German for 'he who kills butterflies.'

I've written three screenplays, none optioned but reviewed positively by several contest readers. Currently, I'm writing synopses and treatments for those three and several other ideas.