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Robert Sebastian Webb
New York City, United States

     Manhattan resident who made a midlife entry into acting. I've been studying professionally for a couple years now with The Barrow Group, T.Schreiber Studio, Edge VO studios,  and private lessons and have gathered several film and TV credits to my name.  About a year ago I, in a concerted effort to understand the entire business, I began looking to expand my filmmaking resume by direction and starting my own production company. 
     I have met so many great actors, directors, cinematographers, sound people, etc during my time in front of the camera!  Sadly however, very few writers. A film can only be as good as it's script...and I am sorely lacking in that skill myself.  Voila! SCRIPTREVOLUTION.COM found itself a new member!

UPDATE: After finding (and optioning) the perfect script, "A GOLDFISH CONTEMPLATES LIFE"  by JASON K. ALLEN on SCRIPTREVOLUTION I am happy to announce (9 months later) we have wrapped our first fully produced film!  Look for us on the Fall 2021 film festival circuit! 

Production was a blast and an incredible learning experience. I can't wait to find my next script and keep the momentum going.

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