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Rodriguez Fruitbat
Vancouver, Canada

After many years working in the film industry as a sound designer on awesome horror movies, I've decided to squander all of my good fortunes and spend my free time writing comedy and horror/comedy screenplays that I'd never show my dear Mom. Sometimes I even hesitate to share the titles of the projects I'm working on. But as a long-time lover of everything from the best to worst movies I'm compelled to write what entertains me.

Maybe my work won't ever be studio material, but that's okay. I've optioned several scripts to amazing and passionate filmmakers, and I'm not going to quit until at least one gets made.



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Scripts By Rodriguez

Three unpopular teens seek recognition by filming a zombie exploitation epic. With one week left, no script, and 300 drunken extras, they must find a killer hook to save the mess of a movie…
Feature Comedy For sale 90pp
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Agent Thumb
In this raunchy take on the classic Tom Thumb, a five-inch tall, hard-partying former child actor is recruited by the DEA to bring down Hollywood's biggest drug dealer.
Feature Comedy For sale 101pp