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Rohan Stephens
London, United Kingdom

I consider myself simply a writer first and foremost. I look for stories to tell. Good stories. Interesting stories. Stories that capture moments and feelings in time, that replicate as best as possible our greatest loves, fears, joys and horrors. If that story is best told in a short, a feature, a novel or a poem, then so be it. It will make its own way there. I’m just here to see it come to life.

My name is Rohan Stephens and I am a London based, Australian raised, semi-professional adult, full time homosexual, casual traveller and freelance citizen of the world. And I of course, write.

My stories tend to be about characters typically associated with queer culture. Not necessarily gay, but those simply living life in the margins. Those tragic characters that strive so hard to exist in the face of rejection and isolation. The camp, the irreverent, the fallen dieties, the forgotten icons. Washed up actresses, families with too much money, spoilt, self indulgent artists all seem to gravitate themselves towards whatever world I am currently in the middle of creating. 

My career to-date is still in its early stages. I have three feature lenght scripts, six short films, two T.V pilots episodes and one full length novel. I am the receipient of a London Film Award for Best First Time Writer for my feature, 'Love, Veronica Lange,' which I am currently seeking opportunities to collaborate on producing. 



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Scripts By Rohan

Not My Mother
An estranged family is forced to reconcile when a small fortune is unearthed.
Feature Comedy For sale 150pp
What happens when the world's most prestigious auction house is dragged kicking and screaming into the 21st Century?
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 35pp
Love, Veronica Lange
An ageing actress struggles with her legacy when one of her worst films becomes a cult classic.
Feature Drama For sale 132pp
A nine-part web series that looks at that sometimes relationship defining moment where someone loses their wedding ring.
Web Series Pilot Comedy For sale 9pp
When Luke receives an invitation to visit some high school friends, old wounds begin to open.
Short Drama For sale 14pp
Icons & Idols
A look back at the historical events that lead to the trend of all actors becoming CGI.
Short Thriller For sale 26pp