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Roman BRuni
Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

I was living a happy bank office life and then an animation prize/course w nat film canada & embrafilm brazil end of 80's, propelled me to start as director of a short without a proper script but a storyboard for a surrealistic short. 1990 was really expensive to get a film camera, so we video.
Then wrote a screenplay adaptation for a documentary based on a book from master theatre for children Maria Clara Machado that got huge distribution in schools in Brazil. Went on to Italy and eventually made a telenovela soap opera for a local regional tv where I got a revelation about screenplay writing function.  Later in London had a brief extremely transformative job as script analyst for the European Script Fund, reading lots of technical books on movie writing & marketing [ before the internet all that was treated as military secrets... mostly un-available anywhere - then the European Community paid for consultants to come from America and teach the creative & comercial moviemaking (in that period Channel Four got stablished as indie powerhouse w prizes.  Back in Rio 1999 turned to producing and teaching screenplay writing; published a book praised by Motion Picture Association Latin America cause 'it combines effectively theory and applications in a practical way' in a period when screenplay writing in south america was considered 'harmful for story creativity, cause it killed spontaneity by being formulaic...'  Many years later, after a decade or so teaching academically and via the strange new world of cyberculture site and consulting screenplay writing from various production companies, got a degree in cultural studies focused in the museum experience.  Finally re-started animation studies 3d, unreal... last year got back writing screenplays that are worth moviemaking.  A few minutes ago found youtube filmcourage and an indication for the script revolution... so, salve ! and cheers from Rio.