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Russell Myatt

Hi, I'm Russell.

Currently studying Arts Popular Music at Birmingham City University (BCU).

 I have been writing, rapping, and producing my own music for a number of years and decided to go back to school to improve my skill-set. 

I also love to write stories and I have written a few screenplays. I love to get lost in my imagination and once I have an outline for a story I then write the screenplay as I envision it being viewed on a screen. 

I am interested in getting involved with TV and Film production, particularly Directorial, and I would even consider working as an acting extra or other on-set roles in order to gain general experience within the industry. 

I am also seeking potential crew members to help get my first project running. Initially an additional writer to help improve and polish my screenplay, followed by Director, Producer, and other crew members.

 I am also an amateur video editor, having created my own music video and a few cinematic videos using computer game footage