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Ry Graves

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Ry Graves
Burbank, United States

I'm currently a young adult author soon to be published by Dreaming Big Publications and am making the switch to writing screenplays. I've recently written and performed the story, Homemade Superman for Story District's annual Surprise Stories show. 

Besides the screenplay of my dark family dramedy based on my book, Peter, Potter, Slaughter, I have two other feature screenplays and several pilots with female leads. Although my screenplay, Meg's & Donna's & Brandon's So High, is listed as a pilot, the script is easily transferred to a feature or a stage production. I like to mix genres and use strong, human charters.

I have also listed three short screenplays with shoestring budgets. I am offering these screenplays for free to their proper forever home.  

I enjoy writing, writing, and doing headstands.

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Scripts By Ry

It's All Relative
Deceased relatives learn to get along when their living descendants move in together.
Short Drama, Family Available for Free 7pp
The Tales of Dr. Phan
A novelist confesses to stealing from different versions of himself during a televised interview.
Short Mystery, Sci-Fi Available for Free 5pp
A retelling of The Boy Who Cried Wolf from the perspective of a young girl dealing with death and her alcoholic father’s hypochondria.
Short Drama, Family Available for Free 3pp