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Ryan Kanfer

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Ryan Kanfer
Los Angeles, United States

To make it short: I started writing about 5 years ago when I was bored on a National Broadway Tour and have written about 5 scripts since then.

I love writing. I love acting. My passion with writing began when I realized I love to create. I would share my ideas with friends and/or others in the industry and everyone would tell me "wow, that's a great idea, I would definitely watch it" and then nothing. So, I decided to put my scripts on their feet. I'm currently in pre production for two projects and hopefully a third.

I write what I know. Whether it's a drama, a cute sitcom, or a fantasy piece, I love doing them all. 

I love collaborating and lately have been so antsy to have more of that in my life. I hope through Script Revolution, collaboration and creation will become more tangible for me.


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