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One morning in Glendale California, Ryan Johnson would be born a force to be reckoned with! As a child, Ryan knew he wanted to act, and even though he lived close to Hollywood, Hollywood would be uncharted, and only traveled within Ryan's dreams. As the realities of life set in, Ryan started college, as any young man applying himself to society would, doing the right thing, pursuing a career. During Ryan's college days, his love of education, and pursuit of any career, could not overwrite the calling to Hollywood in Ryan's heart. So, when a college professor told Ryan his C was pretty good, Ryan decided pretty good was not enough! Ryan set out to be the artiste he was born to be. Eventually, Ryan moved to the DFW area, where he would follow his dream in a big way! DFW would connect Ryan to a thriving indie circuit, involving him in several projects where Ryan would eventually wear many hats! As Ryan continued to fit into any task, be it "crew unseen", or "talent to boast about", Ryan's charisma, humble demeanor, and outstanding talent would eventually attract a local talent manager, Twila Barnett. While Ryan studied his craft attending many workshops, researching on his own, attending Weatherford Acting Academy where he would eventually become staff, his manager Twila Barnett would pitch to talent agents finally landing Ryan a signing, with Linda McAlister Talent. Even though an agent would add more to Ryan's plate, Ryan managed to create his first film, New Genesis (2017) proving his ability to tackle a train and manage a mob! In other words, not only did Ryan write, act in, and co-produce, Ryan also sat in the director's chair! The force pushing air beneath the wings of Ryan's flight... is God. Everyone knows Ryan will jump through hoops for others. To Ryan those hoops become new friendships, a brother and sisterhood of industry dreamers that become a team, pushing each other along. Ryan continues his flow of projects doing anything he can to help further his career. Some recent projects Ryan's been attached to include - Suffocate (2018), Scout (2018), Dandelion (2018), Turkish (2018), This is War (2019), The Chosen (2019) . No stranger to the business end of things, Ryan helped his parents open a store called "It's Dollar Time" so it should be no surprise, that Ryan, this force to be reckoned with, has plans alongside his team, to build a film studio by end of 2019.