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S. Paul Burow

I've tried to experience all parts of life. This has led me to visit many countries and work in a variety of jobs. Creatively, I've always written for a hobby: some short stories, prose, poems, and even song lyrics...none published. These days I'm more into learning the art of writing screenplays for series tv ( at present) and also features.
David Lynch, David Cronenberg, John Hodge, Stanley Kubrick, Tarantino are influences. Stephen Chow is also a favourite. Have to say, my favourite movie of 2016 was Tom Ford's Nocturnal Animals. Disappointed is didn't receive more recognition. Having said that, Moonlight is deserving of it's success.
Tv shows I can binge watch over and over again: Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul, Fargo...adding to that list.
Still developing my individual style (voice).
Like to network with anyone. Everyone has something unique.

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Scripts By S. Paul

Bleeding Heart Flower Shop
A young Asian Australian finds love in a small lawless town but becomes the target of a murder plot.
Feature Comedy, Crime For sale 118pp
3 readers love this script