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Safa Shaqsy
Muscat, Oman

Safa Shaqsy is an author of the bestselling book, Alien Busters series. She graduated from a business college but participated in many writing activities including writing her own stories and poems as she expressed herself through words. Her love for novels started when she got a novel as a gift, that's when she discovered the magic of the fiction world.

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Scripts By Safa

The Shadow Sisters
Lucy, Emily, and Ella, are three dark witches and sisters who have dark powers that can posses humans' souls with their touch must defeat man of darkness who kill innocent people.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 130pp
8 readers love this script
Washed Out
Celia Williams, eighteen, is a cool, bubbly student, popular and outgoing. Her mother suffers from dementia, and Celia is mentally bruised by her mother’s unexpected aggressive behavior due to the illness.
Feature Romance For sale 130pp
6 readers love this script