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Sal Kapoor
London, United Kingdom

I've been writing for over 13 years. I worked in theater as pasrt of an Asian Drama Group then returned to education and graduated with a Master's in Screenwriting.I've had two options on my work but have struggled to see it through to production for one reason or another, so I just keep on writing.

My favourite types of movies are thriller and horror films.

My last 2 scripts have made it to the last stage of a few competitions - I've a couple of thank you credits on IMDB for projects I wrote on.

Working on new ideas at the moment - I'm on the Writer's Journey....


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Scripts By Sal

Burning Sands
After receiving a tip off that his sister was murdered, a young British soldier absconds to Goa to investigate but finds himself initiated into the same cult that killed her.
Feature Adventure, Thriller For sale 95pp
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The Jihadist's Opera
A born-again Christian is set to move to Ireland but receives cryptic messages from a stranger which threaten to reveal his past and destroy his family life.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 95pp