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Sal Pietromonaco and John Miceli
Montréal, Canada

A graduate of Communication Studies at Concordia University in Montreal. Presently I have a small production company. We create mainly branding and PR videos. Would like to  move up to fiction films. We'll see.

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Scripts By Sal Pietromonaco

Lonely Are the Guilty
An envious, lonely, career woman schemes to anonymously reveal to her boss his wife’s affair but can she avoid tragedy when the wife’s reckless lover uncovers her plot?
Feature Drama For sale 93pp
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A Breath Too Many
A young, disillusioned, former middleweight contender searches for the reason the mob wants him dead and uncovers a corrupt land deal that implicates a treacherous mob boss, top city officials, and his own family.
Feature Thriller For sale 100pp
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