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Sandra Newsome
Cape Girardeau, United States

Filmmaking has been a fascination of mine for years. As a child, I would create my own drama plays and act them out in my room. As a high school student, I dreamed of the day I would move to California and leave Kentucky. While pursuing my bachelors degree in English, Theatre and Mass Communications, I constantly felt myself drawn to working with the film students. Even while I completed my Masters in English, I dreamed of writing more scripts and TV programs and working on seeing these become reality. I have now paired with some interesting individuals and we are in the process of writing and filming some shorts, raising funds and working towards creating bigger projects. I love to collect screenplays, teleplays and film short scripts to see what others are doing and learn from their process with the intentions of becoming a stronger writer and filmmaker so others can learn from me and my crew.

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