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Chandler, United States

Sandra’s Timeline/Bio:

Born: January 12, 1959: Growing up in a single-parent household, I became an avid reader from an early age. Favorite childhood book: A Wrinkle in Time by Madeleine L’Engle. My favorite adult book that started me on the path of transitioning from a reader to a writer: Whispers by Dean Koontz.

1977: Graduated from high school, married, and birth three (3) beautiful children.

1999: Divorced physically and emotionally abusive husband. After the marriage ended, I felt the need to work through my suicidal depression by writing. Soon a writer was born. Wrote my first book: Lord, Let There Be Light.

2000–2006: Started a non-profit organization for impoverished and abused women called Y.E.S., Inc. (Your Empowerment Source). Worked full-time to support my family while devoting my evenings and weekends to my writing.

1999–2014: Obtained a bachelor’s degree in Business and had self-published a total of seven (7) books. Currently re-editing all these books for republication:

  • Lord, Let There Be Light (NF-1999). Chronicles journey through an abusive relationship to ultimately emerge from darkness into the light to reclaim both life and sanity.
  • Becoming Whole Before Becoming One (NF-2000). Chronicles self-journey on how to become whole within oneself before marriage.
  • Baggage Handlers: My road to letting go life’s painful luggage (NF-2000). Practical spiritual steps on how to release emotional baggage that impedes one’s progress to become a better you.  
  • Broken Promises, Hidden Love (F-2012). A suicidal Alexandra meets the godly man of her dreams after emerging from an abusive relationship with a rapist narcissist.
  • Prelude to a Distant Future (F-2014). A secret U.S. Government agency recruits four dysfunctional yet highly intelligent middle-aged women to travel back in time to 1940s Nazi Germany as assassins.
  • Walk upon the Wings of the Wind (F-2014). A violated teen who dies in childbirth returns from the grave fifteen years later to elicit help from her now teenage son to help prevent her rapist from striking again.
  • Aphrodite’s Stand (F-2017). When an African American doctor marries a Greek olive oil heir, their interracial relationship is hit with racial prejudice and deadly international intrigue when the husband's summoned back to Athens, Greece.
  • It’s All Relative (F-unpublished 2022). Five short stories encompassing different family dynamics dealing with incest and rape and the consequences that follow.

Successfully adapted two manuscripts into screenplays–2021:

  • Prelude to a Distant Future
  • Aphrodite’s Stand

Scripts By SANDRA

Ebony Scrooge
A singer will confront her Past, Present, and Future on Christmas Eve.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Family, Musical For sale 78pp