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Sara McDermott Jain

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Sara McDermott Jain
New York City, United States

Sara McDermott Jain is a produced screenwriter. She is also the founder of the Princeton Independent Film Festival ( As a screenwriter, her feature screenplay LEFT, written while at Emerson College, won the Evvy Award for Best Script Drama before being purchased by Gaddis Visuals. The finished film released this year on Amazon. Additionally, Gamger Media has recently hired her as head writer for their new upcoming series and comic book tie-in, LEGENDS OF THE CURSED BLADE, and acquired the rights to several of Sara's original projects. 


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Scripts By Sara

The Cage
A female photographer joins an all-male expedition into the arctic to photograph polar bears and must contend with deadly temperatures, a predatory team member, and starving polar bears before making it back to civilization.
Feature Thriller For sale 108pp
To Kill an Alien
A second-rate agent is tasked with bringing in the greatest agent in history - who also happens to be an alien - but really, his agency is setting him up to be killed.
Feature Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 101pp