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Sarah Goldstein
Los Angeles, United States


I am a humble waitress living in Los Angeles. I desperately aspire to be a successful screenplay and fiction writer without a college degree. My attempt to "break in" is just beginning, so I have yet to acquire any noteworthy achievements. I write everyday. I write solely comedy.  I believe that my writing is better than solid. 

Out of respect for everyone else in the overflowing pool of hungry and desperate writers:

If I go five more years without being noticed, I promise to quit writing and pursue a more realistic career path, such as carpentry or teaching yoga at a non-profit. 




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Scripts By Sarah

Gay Romantic
A night that starts with jealousy turns into a silly, sexual liberation.
Short Comedy For sale 16pp
Farmer's Market Funeral
In search of something more holistic than her prescribed psychiatric medication, Cam embarks on a pesticide free journey that is hilariously disturbing.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 30pp