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My name is Sayed Kassem, a British Citizen of Egyptian descent, I am an inspiring film maker i got BA in Film Making in Dubai at the renowned SAE Institute. I've been interested in storytelling and films since I wrote my first story when I was 9 years old. My interest and passion for film has grown steadily over the years. I first worked in the film industry as a supporting actor and production assistant in many films in the UK. It was exciting to be able to work on major film productions alongside some of the greatest directors in the Film Industry such as Ridley Scott, Guy Ritchie and Rob Marshall. This is when I decided that I had to pursue my dream and become a Film Maker. My goal is to own my own production company and create films which focus on helping to bring peace to the world. I would like to tell the back story behind the front line in war films to show how wonderful it would be to all live in peace and end the suffering.