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Scott Sawitz

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Scott Sawitz
Chicago, United States

Character-centric writer who's a whiz with dialogue. I like to find people at a specific point in their life, how they got there and how they deal with the consequences of their actions.

I funded, cast, lensed and released a web series in under a calendar year. You can watch "Confessions of a Superhero" on YouTube in its entirety. 

My latest short film, "The Executioner's Dilemma" is currently on the festival circuit and can be viewed on YouTube.

My original screenplay "The Merc: Fake Tales of a Real Man" was optioned by Pause 'n' Rewind Studios in December 2017


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Scripts By Scott

The Craigslist Connection
When his friend's depression won't end, a Craigslist ad will test their friendship to its core
Feature Comedy For sale 83pp
2 readers love this script
No Sleep 'Til Austin
In order to get to Austin City Limits, four mismatched women must set aside their personal differences to make their musical dreams come true.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 108pp
1 reader loves this script
Through the Kitchen
A washed-up stand up comic gets one more chance to exit the comedy world on his own terms.
Feature Comedy For sale 80pp
1 reader loves this script
For Love Or Music
When a bar singer goes viral she discovers her creativity is linked to her heartbreak.
Feature Comedy, Romance For sale 86pp
1 reader loves this script
My Superhero Life
A rookie superhero navigates his relationship with his best friend, his girlfriend and his family while balancing his newfound duties as defender of Chicago.
TV Pilot Action, Comedy For sale 36pp
After discovering Russian malfeasance in the upcoming election, a white hat hacker has to team up with a burned Russian spy to prevent the Presidential election from being tampered with.
Feature Action, Thriller For sale 84pp
They Only Come Out at Night
After witnessing the deaths of her loved ones at the hands of a masked murderer, the lone survivor channels her trauma into exacting vigilante justice.
Feature Action, Horror, Thriller For sale 96pp
The Fatal Draft
A young writer suspected of murder must clear her name and uncover the identity of the killer who is hunting down her colleagues and friends.
Feature Horror For sale 83pp
Bullets Through The Hourglass
A World War 2 pilot is brought into the future to lead a team of American bad-asses from the past to rescue the President from a terrorist state.
Feature Action, Adventure For sale 94pp
Hired Gun: My Life on the Fringes of Rock 'n' Roll
The long time drummer of an 80s cover band gets a chance to be in the biggest rock band in the world.
Feature Drama For sale 81pp