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Scott Smith

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Scott Smith
Toronto, Canada

I'm a full-time professional who writes scipts in my spare-time for the sheer love of it. I focus mainly on features and shorts. I've written two features with Shannon Keith. We are both surrounded by words and writing every day at jobs with the largest Public Library system in North America. I'm hoping Script Revoluton will help us connect with likeminded and interesting writers, filmmakers and producers, so that we can one day build a film resume and bio. 


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Scripts By Scott

Mr. Moon & The Sasquatch
A mildly eccentric math professor plans a Bigfoot expedition. Utilizing statistical models and unorthodox attraction methods, he ventures out with a rag-tag team to find proof that humans aren’t the only upright-walking hairy beasts.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 117pp
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Too Much Too Fast
A serious young professional strives to climb the Wall Street corporate ladder when she meets a carefree hippie and reclusive financial genius, who complicates her life with professional insight, absent-minded fun and romance.
Feature Comedy For sale 117pp
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Whatever Nevermind
It's 1994 and Steph, the student council vice president of her high school, must deal with teenage temperament, school politics and her own social life while organizing the "Battle of the Bands".
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 110pp
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