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Scott Spjut

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Scott Spjut
Cincinnati, United States

I've spent my career as a journalist and corporate writer – writing and editing stories based on word count and column inches. I'm now creating stories driven by page count. So far, I'm enjoying it very much.


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Scripts By Scott

Halls of Power
After losing her presidential bid, the new Senate Majority Leader must go toe-to-toe with the party she lost to.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 60pp
a natural man
Roosevelt expects a big payday from selling his start-up and moves back home. But when the valuation comes up short, he looks for money elsewhere: his father's church.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 47pp
Back to Gray
After being unimpressed with her improved mental health, a young woman attempts to go back to being depressed.
TV Pilot Drama Example of work only 30pp
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