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Sean Tuohy
Boston, United States

Sean Tuohy is one of the Co-founders of the Writer's Bone podcast network. He graduated from South New Hampshire University and currently resides outside of Boston, MA.

Scripts By Sean

A group of unsupervised youths who reside at a low-rent motel spend the summer together fighting boredom and discovering the hardships of growing up in poverty.
Web Series Pilot Comedy, Drama For sale 30pp
A private bodyguard is hired to protect the wife of an oil company executive stationed in Peru,but things get complicated when they fall for each other.
Feature Action, Adventure, Romance, Thriller For sale 102pp
An ex-cop is the new Security Chief aboard a mining station on the floor of the Atlantic Ocean discovers someone is peddling a dangerous drug and the corruption may reach to the highest levels.
Feature Action, Crime, Mystery, Sci-Fi, Thriller For sale 102pp
Exit To Night
A washed-up cop is pulled from desk duty to escort a gangster willing to expose corruption but it’s his old nemesis who ruined his life.
Feature Action, Comedy, Crime For sale 98pp
Black Site
A wrongfully accused C.I.A. operative must stop a terrorist attack at the classified black site prison he is held in.
Feature Action For sale 100pp