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Sean Wathen
Burbank, United States

Previously named on the 'Young & Hungry List - Top 100 Writers on the Verge,' Sean Wathen co-wrote the Lionsgate film "Escape the Field" with Jordan Claire Robbins, Theo Rossi and Shane West starring. Also, he recently optioned his screenplay “Eliza 1.0” to Night Fox Entertainment, his screenplay "Timegate" was optioned to Action Studio Entertainment, his pilot script & series bible "Divorced by 30" was optioned to Global Genesis Group, and his script "Second Shot" was optioned to Status Media & Entertainment. He has also been hired to adapt graphic novels for State & Cabrillo Productions, Inc. as well as Solipsist Films. In addition, Sean was asked to write a treatment for a graphic novel for GG Filmz, wrote another treatment for Virgin Produced, and was hired to adapt a producer’s idea into a screenplay called “Apple” for Director Mauro Borrelli.

Sean Wathen grew up in Kentucky where he first began making short films with his friends. From there he moved to Orlando, Florida to attend film school and continued making short films including "Misunderstood" (Winner of Best Picture in the Project BlueLight Film Festival) and "CAN" (Official Selection of the London Sci-Fi Film Festival). Sean then journeyed to Hollywood and began working on hit TV shows like "Heroes," "24," and "House M.D." while pursuing his love of writing.  After being an Office Coordinator with MTV and a Writer's Assistant for Writer/Director Michael Mann, Sean became a fulltime screenwriter.