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Senthil Kumar
Chennai, India

I'm Senthil Kumar Dharmaraj, I'm a software engineer who worked for ORACLE in Silicon Valley. And I'm a drama feature writer from India. I like combining action, mystery, bio-pic, crime genres, but one will always be drama.

I have been writing features for about 5 years. My scripts BLACK CATCHING and BELLATOR (histories set in Tasmania and Rome) made top 100 in The PAGE AWARDS Writing Contest. So I resigned my job and started writing and submitting my works to production companies. Now am working on my next two scripts (RED SKINS and A CALL FROM STRANGER).

My favorite job is screenwriting. I stay away from both ends of the camera as I am no actor and certainly no Camera Op. And I finished mine screenwriting courses from, University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), Professional Program in Screenwriting. New York Film Academy, MFA in Screenwriting. Explore Film-making: from Script to Screen, Los Angeles, Film Academy.


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Scripts By Senthil

When a hired killer survives a hit on his own life, he journeys into the dark heart of the C.I.A underground and recover a mysterious girl.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 90pp
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During a genocide in 1828 Tasmania, a pregnant aboriginal Tasmanian woman is hunted by a vicious English man who incriminates her for his sons’ deaths.
Feature Action, Adventure, Crime, Drama, History For sale 118pp
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A thirty-year-old man who was raised by a unknown person to be the perfect assassin is dispatched on a mission across the dangerous criminal world for hunting, tracked by a ruthless mafia boss.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 96pp