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Seppe Van Beneden
Antwerpen, Belgium

Hi! My name is Seppe, 37, and I'm from Belgium (close to Antwerp). Marketeer and copywriter by day at a multinational. An aspiring screenwriter by night. Wait ... Aspiring? Why do I keep saying that? I completed my first paid project in 2021. It was a ghostwriting project and won't have my name on it, but it's something. With that director, I'm working on a second screenplay. A tribute to classic revenge movies but with a twist. And this time, my name is the first one on the cover, which is an absolute honor.

This year, I've completed the UCLA Extension feature film writing certificate program. I've won a variety of screenwriting contests (yes, including some meaningless small ones). I'm drawn to contrast, so you'll find my characters very likable at times, but not in the least when they get down to business. While I enjoy writing action, I do not shy away from emotion at all. Besides writing, I also paint wargaming miniatures and I'm a proud cat dad.

Scripts By Seppe

June is a mother, sister, ex-wife, recovering addict, and debt collector. But, her illicit reputation and lucrative career choices don't help tie things down in her personal life.
TV Pilot Action, Crime For sale 45pp
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A tailor creates bespoke suits as a front for his criminal activities. Both with the family's signature sharp cut. But his personal life is a loose thread that threatens to unravel the family business.
TV Pilot Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 63pp
Rough Stock
Two bull riding brothers try to hang on to their lifestyle in a dying cow town. When a drug gang converges on the ranch, they rely on good old frontier justice to protect their land.
TV Pilot Action, Western For sale 52pp
Temporary Residents
Jasper, a martini-generation silver fox, shares his Hollywood home and memories with temporary guests before Alzheimer's takes his story away.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 34pp