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Shalin Sharma

I am a student filmmaker. Ever since I was a child I have been in love with movies. It was this magic portal that showed me the most incredible people, places and things that ever existed or never existed from the ancient past to the distant future. And there has always been this voice inside my head whispering to my ear that “This is where you belong” and as a child I didn’t think of it that much, but now that I realize it, I am grateful to my younger self for never letting the thought go, ever. Even though I took up engineering for further studies, that voice was a constant reminder to me that I am someone else, that I belong someplace else. 

All I remember ever wanting to do was be a storyteller. Even as a kid, I used to make up imaginary scenarios in my head and act it out in front of the mirror. It started off by me becoming a performer, be it dance performances, acting skits, plays, music festivals or anchoring on stage. Slowly and eventually that passion for the performance storytelling turned into love for the visual aspect of storytelling that we call films. I remember watching all the great filmmakers and performers of our industry from the past and present, being so incredibly inspired by them and saying to myself, one day I wanna come closer to doing something that good. The thirst and the drive to constantly improve and challenge myself and grow as an actor and as a filmmaker makes me wanna do this even more.