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Shane Lint
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When I was a young boy , I remember feeling the ache in my fingers from the pencil pressed firmly between my fingers as I would write for hours. I wrote of a super-hero that lived in a clock tower who was half robot at the age of 9 and remember it was 45 pages front and back . I developed my love of writing as a form of mental therapy to cope with some of lifes trials. Today I write for this same reason and my writing varies from mixtures of various elements on one hand I have the story of Dorian who is a psychologist but secretly a cult leader and on the other I have a tale about the mighty Asbjorn Asvardson the viking were-grizzly who was once a king cursed by a witch. My stories are various things that I allow my mind to drift down from time to time and I write them out either as book and then later translate them into screenplays. Its my hope to sale my screenplays one day and see them as a show or movie playing on tv . I love story-telling and feel its good for the mind to travel down the rabbitt hole. 

If you would have any questions ,  please do not hesitate to ask .

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Scripts By Shane

Morte Et Dabo
Watch as a young boy who was a orphan gets adopted to lead a normal life then turn into a serial killer and cult leader that gets inside peoples minds and makes them his sheep.
TV Pilot Crime, Horror, Mystery, Thriller For sale 120pp