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Shane Murphy

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Shane Murphy
San Diego, United States

An award-winning screenwriter, director, editor and producer, specializing in new media such as interactive film and short-format storytelling.

Highlights include:

☕ Writing for film, television, and Internet media.

☕ Directing, producing, and editing for independent film and marketing content.

☕ Post-production, motion graphics, visual effects, color correction & grading, audio editing/mixing.

☕ Managed and directed a cast & crew anywhere from 5 - 25 persons.

☕ Recipient of 4 Accolades including Best Web-Series Screenplay (2015), Faculty Choice Award (2016), SMPTE Student Film Festival Selection (2016), and most recently Best Interactive Short Film at CinemaCon (2017).

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Scripts By Shane

When the mayor of a growing mountain town is assassinated, a discredited politician and vigilante cowboy look to redeem themselves within a power vacuum of crime, corruption, sex slavery and a growing sinister cult.
TV Pilot Action, Adventure, History, Thriller, Western For sale 69pp