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Shara Maude
Pendleton, United States

I started out as a screenwriter, but then ended up a novelist instead. Now I'm back to writing screenplays again. The genres that I work in the most are fantasy (urban, paranormal and epic) and historical. I have one book published, and will soon have a couple of others out as well. I hope soon to have some of my screenplays posted. Thank you!! 


I will be posting two new projects in the very near future. One is a pilot for a historical vampire drama series pilot and the other is a historical drama set during the Napoleonic Wars. Both have LGBTQIA characters in them. I hope to have them up soon. 








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Scripts By Shara

The Vampire Prince
At the onset of World War Two, a vampire hunter becomes the thing he hunts. With other vampires, he must continue the fight against both evil supernaturals and evil humans.
TV Pilot Horror For sale 57pp
1 reader loves this script
Harold Godwinson
King Harold II of England must face off against the deadliest of enemies, Duke William of Normandy. At Hasting, Harold must destroy William, or die trying.
Feature Biography, Drama, History, War For sale 82pp
1 reader loves this script
My Enemy Is My Greatest Love
My Enemy Is My Greatest Love is an LGBT historical drama set during the Napoleonic Wars where a British Lieutenant stranded on a deserted Caribbean Island is not as alone as he thinks.
TV Pilot Action, Drama, History, War For sale 48pp