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Shaun Needham
Sheffield, United Kingdom

Full-time, disgruntled secondary school teacher; optioned screenwriter and semi-professional singer. 

My parents actively encouraged me to take part in as many different things as possible and take my opportunities.  Without their influence, I would not have the creative passions and intuition that I have today.  I have always loved stories but, for one reason or another, when it came to university choices I made the (with hindsight, incorrect) decision to pursue a career as a PE teacher and have now spent twelve years working in an inner-city school in Sheffield.  Don't get me wrong, I love being able to help kids pursue their dreams and ambitions but, after about six years of it, I had an epiphany and realised that I had never really pursued my own.  Randomly, I applied to go on a National Lottery game show and ended up winning it.  That stroke of luck really inspired me to push on and get screenwriting - if I could be selected from thousands of applicants and wind up lucky enough to win on the night, surely, if I put my mind to it, I could achieve something that was completely within my control.

Eight years on and here I am; author of seven features (one of which has been optioned and is currently in development in the US), three TV pilots, two shorts, a quarter-final place in Shore Scripts (CALLING OUT TO TOMMY) and a semi-finalist in Stage 32's New Blood competition (BLACK FRIDAY). I have freelanced with a commercial production company where I wrote a short film for a large UK telecommunications company as well as developing storylines for live, immersive experiences.  As a reflection of my personal tastes and influences, I enjoy writing across various genres but my stories always have a relatable theme, usually to do with family and loved ones, at their core.  I would love to leave my day job and become a full-time writer, leaving behind the political-correctness and mind-numbing OFSTED number crunching to inspire kids in a different way - through the themes and messages instilled at the heart of my writing. 

As a footnote, the singing is just something I love to do and wanted to tick off my bucket-list but ended up taking off more than I thought it would.  Weddings, casinos and hotels are my current venues but I pick and choose where and when I want to do this.  Maybe, one day, I could do a Frank Sinatra/Seth MacFarlane and become successful in multiple industries. 

But, for now, I'd be happy with just this one!

Scripts By Shaun

Calling out to Tommy
Disillusioned with the horrors of World War Two, a compassionate British soldier forms an alliance with a German prisoner of war as he attempts to get home to see his new born daughter.
Feature Drama, War For sale 98pp
4 readers love this script
Steel Rose
To provide for her young son during World War Two, a strong-minded single mother takes a job in a steelworks where a cocky ex-soldier becomes supervisor to her and three other women.
Feature Drama, War For sale 85pp
4 readers love this script
Closing the Gap
A disillusioned school-teacher takes the law into his own hands when a young pupil is stabbed to death by a notorious local gang.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Thriller For sale 94pp
2 readers love this script
Reminding Sheila
When a depressed widow is told she has dementia, she plans to end her life. However, a chance meeting with an optimistic swing singer forces her to reconsider.
Feature Drama Under Option 91pp
1 reader loves this script
Black Friday
A blood-phobic shopper battles vampires in a mall to save his relationship with his unfaithful girlfriend.
Feature Action, Comedy, Horror For sale 85pp
1 reader loves this script
Moretimer - Pilot - Mr. Moretimer's Timely Creations
A homeless orphan helps a forgetful Father Time stop a destructive Mother Nature from wiping out the human race.
TV Pilot Fantasy For sale 56pp
1 reader loves this script
Original Sinners - No Law in Limbo
Using methods not of this world, a faithless priest teams up with a near-death experiencing CIA agent to bring down the mafia family responsible for the murder of his wife.
TV Pilot Crime, Drama, Sci-Fi For sale 57pp
Ale's Well That Ends Well
Inspired by events that led to the creation of the Black Sheep Brewery; a tee-total brewery owner is forced into a partnership with a scheming millionaire to honour his father's dying wish.
Feature Drama, Family For sale 90pp
Despite the best efforts of a jealous actor to stop him, a London theatre cat decides the time is right to make his onstage debut. Inspired by actual events.
Short Drama For sale 10pp
Knee Deep In It
A self isolating man refuses to listen to his despairing wife's pleas and finds himself stuck on the toilet with no loo roll.
Short Comedy For sale 6pp