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Shaun Needham
Sheffield, United Kingdom


Full-time, disgruntled secondary school teacher; optioned screenwriter and professional singer. 

My parents actively encouraged me to take part in as many different things as possible and take my opportunities.  Without their influence, I would not have the creative passions and intuition that I have today.  I have always loved stories but, for one reason or another, when it came to university choices I made the (with hindsight, incorrect) decision to pursue a career as a PE teacher and have now spent twelve years working in an inner-city school in Sheffield.  Don't get me wrong, I love being able to help kids pursue their dreams and ambitions but, after about six years of it, I had an epiphany and realised that I had never really pursued my own.  Randomly, I applied to go on a National Lottery game show and ended up winning it.  That stroke of luck really inspired me to push on and get screenwriting - if I could be selected from thousands of applicants and wind up lucky enough to win on the night, surely, if I put my mind to it, I could achieve something that was completely within my control.

Six years on and here I am; author of seven features (one of which has been optioned and is currently in development in the US), three TV pilots, two shorts, a quarter-final place in Shore Scripts (CALLING OUT TO TOMMY) and a semi-finalist in Stage 32's New Blood competition (BLACK FRIDAY). I have freelanced with a commercial production company where I wrote a short film for a large UK telecommunications company as well as developing storylines for live, immersive experiences.  As a reflection of my personal tastes and influences, I enjoy writing across various genres but my stories always have a relatable theme, usually to do with family and loved ones, at their core.  I would love to leave my day job and become a full-time writer, leaving behind the political-correctness and mind-numbing OFSTED number crunching to inspire kids in a different way - through the themes and messages instilled at the heart of my writing. 

As a footnote, the singing is just something I love to do and wanted to tick off my bucket-list but ended up taking off more than I thought it would.  Weddings, casinos and hotels are my current venues but I pick and choose where and when I want to do this.  Maybe, one day, I could do a Frank Sinatra/Seth MacFarlane and become successful in multiple industries. 

But, for now, I'd be happy with just this one!

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