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Hi my name is Shawn Harris. I'm here to socialize and make friends and contacts with some of the greatest and smartest people on Earth. I hope my time here will be well spent. Looking to read some great scripts and provide valuable feedback if wanted.

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Scripts By Shawn

Born A Weapon
A hitman trains his son to become a hitman after many enemies threaten his family life.
Feature Action For sale 93pp
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JBot, a humanoid robot crash lands on earth and begins to explore the world for new things. Meanwhile reporting to his chief and commander Captain Frizzy.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 11pp
The Dope Family
The Dope family an interracial family of 6 lives a randomize lifestyle in Dope city.
TV Pilot Animation For sale 11pp
During the end of days the Illuminati searched for God and when they found him they forced him to do their deeds.
Feature Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Thriller For sale 77pp