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Shirine Best
London, United Kingdom

I am an experienced film industry executive with 18 years experience. For the first 13 I worked as a development exec on both fiction films and feature docs before I moved into producing. I have worked with talent at all levels, from first time filmmakers through to established Hollywood filmmakers. I started producing in 2013 and have completed a number of award winning short films, promos and most recently a Sundance nominated feature documentary. I am currently in production with my second feature documentary whilst building my film and TV drama slate.

Coming from a mixed heritage background, brought up by my white single mum on a council estate in the UK during the Thatcher years has given me a unique perspective on the filmmaking industry. I’m conscious of the lack of diversity the industry still suffers from, and am always pushing to portray diverse characters on screen in all kinds of genres and stories, believing this will only help to create a richer and more authentic experience for the viewer.  I love working with diverse talent who I find offer new perspectives to the stories they tell.  

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