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Sid Kramer
Los Angeles, United States

Sid Kramer - has had a varied career, and worked throughout the entertainment industry for over forty years. He has acquired experience on both sides of the camera. Most recently, He has utilized his talents as Set Decorator for the film 'Carolina's Calling.' Sid enjoys writing when he is not on a set and continues to develop his craft and love for storytelling. 

Whether performing as an actor, stuntman, live entertainer, or background extra, he comes with the necessary skills to fulfill the needs of the most demanding production. On the other hand, working behind the scenes as an art director, set builder, scenic painter, FX production, or storyboard artist, has given him an exceptional understanding of the whole motion picture production process.

Beyond this, he has worked as a graphic designer and concept model builder for Disney, been a computer artist for Merv Griffin Productions(TAV) colorizing, the black and white 'Miracle on 34th Street' for Ted Turner to show him how these old films would look in color.

At Rawhide in Arizona, he performed live Western stunt shows portraying Wild Bill and others. Later, as the Art Director for Rawhide Western Town, he enhanced the theme park as attraction development and decor designer. Plus, at times, he finds himself as a Designer for Haunted Houses and Haunted themed experiences. 

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