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Silver Levy-So
Plymouth, United Kingdom

Silver is a British-born Eurasian filmmaker, photojournalist and proclaimed "nerd" of his craft who grew up within a family of passionate artists and then dived straight in at the deep end after finishing secondary school - deciding that hands on experience would be more valuable than any university - now with (a very diverse) 10 years experience under his belt, throughout many roles within the industry, a multi-award nominated professional, known for his quick witted questioning and narrative based documentary style story telling as well as covert, observational "fly on the wall" techniques and guerilla filmmaking. Naturally gravitating towards photography as an unruly teen, he used it as a tool to communicate/express himself and portray his environments in a way that people could relate to. Extracting stories that deeply engross and engage people by intricately linking common human grounds and emotions is something he has obsessively practiced since he can remember. Suffering from systemic racism throughout school years and adulthood - equal rights and the treatment of the more underrepresented within society is one of his most prominent subject matters and missions. 

Moving to rural Devonshire from London aged 4, he then was raised in the majestic Dartmoor National Park until early adulthood, he realised fairly early on his creative eye and visuals of the environments surrounding him, expressing this through photography, his pictures achieved him a few great accolades which was inspiration enough to guide himself toward starting out in the field of cinematography...

Camera credits include: "Russell Brand on Britain's Drinking Culture" and boudica film's feature "The Mad Axeman".
Assistant Director credits include: Likely Story's 2020 feature film "Us Amongst The Stones", 2016 goldsmiths uni grad film "Lula" and 2017 national film and tv school's "The Light Refracts into the Shadows".
Producer/production credits include: the NFA (national film awards) winning feature production featured on Netflix, "Dartmoor Killing" and critically acclaimed UK TV feature documentary (now available on Amazon Prime) "A Royal Hangover".