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Simon Devir
Dublin, Ireland

The journey thus far. Art School. Graphic Designer. Became bored graphic designer. Re-branded as a photographer. Got to travel to places like Italy. Wore a Sun hat like Beloq in Raiders of the lost ark. Wrote & directed a short film. Took some more photographs. Designed a website for a production company. Based on that, got hired to direct 3 tv commercials. Don't ask me how! Wrote & directed another short film. Played it at a few film festivals. Started writing a Bio-pic feature about a famous fashion photographer. Still writing it. Recently completed writing another short film and doing an outline for a feature that takes place in the world of Cryptocurrencies.

I dream of the beach house in Malibu but I'd probably settle for a studio in Venice.

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Scripts By Simon

The Dinner Party
Sometimes, inheritance is not worth the risk.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 13pp
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