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Now available on Amazon worldwide - "Changes: Collected Screenplays 2009-16", which brings together almost every script I have written over the past few years, including the prize winning title script and "A Snowflake Fell", which was a finalist in the BBC Wales Drama Award in 2012. The scripts cover many genres and styles, from melancholy romantic stories of lost love to absurdist experiments. There's even my attempt at the ubiquitous Zombie story. The scripts are published to be read - as literature and in the same way as you'd read short stories or novels, and are not intended for production, which is worth keeping in mind when/if you read them, as they do not always adhere to the supposed "rules" of writing screenplays! There should, instead, be seen as examples of "Lesescenario", the so called "closet screenplay", in which a narrative fiction is written in the style of a screenplay, intended for reading rather than production. This approach frees the "screenwriter" to produce works that are truly his/her own - not written for others to alter, whether for the better or worse. Film may well be a collaborative effort, but why should the writers vision be compromised even before the script is written, by considerations of whether this producer or director will like it, whether it is filmable, whether it will be possible to make for this or that budget. Stories are, and have been for many years, written in the form of letters, diaries, emails, postcards and so many other "non literary" forms - so why not write stories in dramatic form? It's not new, it's not unusual if you know literature - and if William Burroughs, James Baldwin and Cormac McCarthy can do it (to name just three), then I can, and so can you!

The collection is over 400 pages long and is available via all of Amazon's online stores worldwide. It joins my short story collections, "Hunky Dory" (you may notice a David Bowie theme running through my work!) and "No Words Left", which collects flash fiction and prose poetry.