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My name is Simon Kyle Parker, I studied scriptwriting at univeristy and I am currerntly based in Stoke-on-Trent here in the UK. I have written several short and feature length script. Many of my shorts have gone on to be produced. I have had other scripts optioned and currently my script Christmas ranch can be seen on netflixs.


Scripts By Simon

Horror Birthday Present
NO Dialogue short. Missing his 4 years old birthday party, a hard working cop chases down a suspected murder. Losing him, this murderer has magical powers.
Short Horror Available for Free 2pp
Faceless Whore
A bratty teenage girl obsessed with becoming a famous model finds herself losing the one thing she values most, her own face.
Short Drama, Horror Available for Free 5pp
Faking it
Convincing her boyfriend to fake an injury for a cash payout, this couple are each holding a secret that the other one will soon learn.
Short Drama Available for Free 6pp
Broken Robot
A young boy who's bullied in school finds a broken robot. This robot can only answer yes or no with beeps. Fixing him proves to be the end of the world.
Short Sci-Fi Available for Free 6pp
Black Sun
The sun is turning black and the whole world is convinced the world is coming to an end, all except for two teenagers.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 4pp
Mission Dumped
Sending his younger brother to break up with yet another of his short term girlfriends, his brother just might have found a girl for himself.
Short Comedy, Drama, Romance Available for Free 5pp
Bad Dog
When a gangster gets his keys eaten by his dog, he hires his number one hitman to get them out again. Ordering him to kill the dog afterwards.
Short Crime, Drama Available for Free 5pp