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My name is Simon Kyle Parker, I studied scriptwriting at univeristy and I am currerntly based in Stoke-on-Trent here in the UK. I have written several short and feature length script. Many of my shorts have gone on to be produced. I have had other scripts optioned and currently my script Christmas ranch can be seen on netflixs.

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Scripts By Simon

How are you voting
During a tense election, a self-proclaimed hardcore liberal gets to vote for the first time in her life. Recording it all for her thousands of online fans.
Short Drama, Family For sale 5pp
I Like School
A young boy bullied on his way to school every day must learn to fight back before his mother forces him to leave his beloved school and start fresh someplace else.
Short Crime, Drama, Family For sale 4pp
Wait until midnight
A young teenage boy in a car with two of his friends plans to rob his ex-girlfriend. But when he pulls out a knife one of his friends has second thoughts.
Short Crime, Drama For sale 6pp
For The Take
A new father scared that he's not good enough, turns to crime for money only to have his life saved by the ghost of the old woman he helped mug and leave for dead.
Short Horror For sale 10pp
My Home
A woman who is used to the finer things in life, refuses to let go and move on following on from her divorce from her rich husband.
Short Comedy, Drama For sale 7pp
A new mother who wishes she never had her child is met by an evil demon who offers her the chance for that wish to come true.
Short Horror For sale 4pp
A millionaire asks his trophy wife for a threesome, instead she plans to rob him. Ending up in his murder.
Short Action, Drama Available for Free 6pp
2 readers love this script
Black Sun
The sun is turning black and the whole world is convinced the world is coming to an end, all except for two teenagers.
Short Drama, Sci-Fi Available for Free 4pp
1 reader loves this script
Hang in There
Going into the woods to hang himself, a disgraced investment banker finds a young girl already hanging herself.Cutting her down he decides to help her.
Short Drama Available for Free 8pp
1 reader loves this script
Dark Birth
A wealthy couple out on date night come to the aid of a teenage girl giving birth in the back of a van, but what she gives birth to isn't human.
Short Horror Available for Free 4pp
1 reader loves this script