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Simon Rozee
London, United Kingdom

I am a (semi) professional screenwriter with 3 sold features - one of which has the rare honour of actually being produced. I have also written and directed 9 short films. I was born and raised in Essex to a loving working-class family - and the ongoing struggle of everyday people held together by loving family bonds permeates my work. 

I have had great success with various screenplay competitions - coming last or not progressing from the initial stages in many notable, industry-leading, competitions such as the Red Planet Prize, the BBC Writersroom, Script Lab, BlueCat and Script Pipeline which all means the world is my oyster!

My motto is "If it takes 10 years to be an overnight success... you better work the weekend".

Scripts By Simon

An alcoholic er-boxer discovers that to save her troubled son she must teach him to fight. But as they train she realises that he must show her how to win.
Feature Sport For sale 107pp
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The Marvellous McNamaras
Encouraged to be her “best self” a shy teenager embarks on a journey of self-discovery. The only issue; her best self is a serial killer.
TV Pilot Comedy, Crime, Family, Film-Noir For sale 50pp