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Stephen Cottage

I bring my experience and creativity together in writing screenplays with a quirky, unique take on the world, having some experience with TV pilot projects, the stage, and some comedy. I have an avid interest in the arts, especially classical music, gaining a degree in English, Philosophy and Music from the University of London. I am currently enjoying an MA Screenwriting course in London. 

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Scripts By Stephen

Blossom Street
At an old, East London back-street police HQ reserved for mavericks and eccentrics of the force, DCI Harding and his new sidekick Trescot, humorously tackle a series of grisly, supernatural abductions with surprising results.
Episode Comedy, Drama, Horror For sale 30pp
2 readers love this script
The most advanced humanoid robot ever conceived, indistinguishable from a human in almost every respect, escapes the laboratory and takes up with an unsuspecting aristocratic 'man-child' at his Mayfair mansion with catastrophic consequences.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp
1 reader loves this script
Stratford Quilter
'An enigmatic artist who is a secret agent to, among others, Her Majesty The Queen.'
Episode Comedy, Drama For sale 50pp
Rome, 250AD : A Family Treat for the Emperor
A man's faith leads to the sacrifice of his whole family - Can he live with himself?
Short Action, Drama, History, Horror For sale 10pp