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I am a mature writer and amanuensis, having changed careers later in life. In my late thirties, after a life of running businesses in the great outdoors, I completed a BA in English, Philosophy, and Music. I created a chamber orchestra a little later, putting on concerts in London. However, my biggest passion is writing and that led me to an MA course in Screenwriting which proved very useful. My extensive life-experience together with the usual research gives me a wide range of material for characters and events. I bring my experience and creativity together in writing screenplays with a quirky, unique take on the world, having some experience with TV pilot projects, the stage, and some comedy.

Scripts By Stephen

Blossom Street
At an old, East London back-street police HQ reserved for mavericks and eccentrics of the force, DCI Harding and his new sidekick Trescot, humorously tackle a series of grisly, supernatural abductions with surprising results.
Episode Comedy, Drama, Horror For sale 30pp
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The Cave at Ude Hall
A man trades his own life, and the lives of others, for riches and power.
Feature Drama, Horror For sale 64pp
Stratford Quilter
An enigmatic artist who happens to be a secret agent to, among others, Her Majesty The Queen.
Feature Comedy, Crime, Drama, Mystery For sale 94pp
Rome, 250AD : A Family Treat for the Emperor
A man's faith leads to the sacrifice of his whole family - Can he live with himself?
Short Action, Drama, History, Horror For sale 10pp
The most advanced humanoid robot ever conceived, indistinguishable from a human in almost every respect, escapes the laboratory and takes up with an unsuspecting aristocratic 'man-child' at his Mayfair mansion with catastrophic consequences.
Feature Comedy, Drama, Horror, Sci-Fi For sale 55pp