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Stephen Ford
Dublin, Ireland

Stephen is a talented, autistic creative who has more than ten years experience in the world of Screenwriting. He is extremely focused and organised.


After finishing college in 2010, Stephen spent the next couple of years further learning the craft of Screenwriting and trying to get his work out there. Until in 2018, when he decided to take a break from Screenwriting and put all his focus into trying to help other budding Screenwriters within Ireland, so he set up a group called Dublin Screenwriters (now Screenwriters Ireland) - a safe place where writers could get together and share their knowledge, experience and also give feedback on each others scripts. Stephen also managed to get a slew of experienced industry guests from Ireland who were willing to come in to chat with them; Emmet Kirwan, John Connors, Terry McMahon, Zoe Kavanagh, Colin McKeown. Since moving online to Zoom meetings in 2020 because of Covid-19, they have gained a wider group of followers and Stephen has recently been able to get even more experienced industry guests to take part in Zoom Q&As with the group - boasting such names as CJ Walley, Colin Bateman, Christopher Lockhart. The group can be found on Facebook with over 200 members, and continues to grow every day.


Stephen recently decided to take a stab at directing, starting with his award-winning short horror film Behind The Mask in November 2021, along with three more short films before the end of the year and plans for further short films in 2022.