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Philadelphia, United States

I am a lover and admirer of a story that can get me in there deeply with craft and skills. The story has got to have intelligent balls.I don't try to force that in my writing, but feel best doing it organically without fear wherever it takes me even if I've already seen an end before I start writing.  I allow characters to be themselves, and along that journey the story has to hit me too. It's got to do something to me as I write it. I need that rise, good or bad .I need that wonder and psyche stimulation. If actually sitting alone with the characters, they need to be hard to shut up, or ignore, or get away from. I guess in the end I just try to let myself do my best with whatever world I'm in and do it truthfully. Most times I just need to get this stuff out of me.  I hope you enjoy my purges.There have been a few others: short films, documentaries, some advertisements, and a novel. The 2 pieces here are a series opening at 2 hours, out of a total of 5. It can be broken up at 30 or 60 minute intervals on any plotpoint/ beat/ hanger. And a NEW script on the site here "THE SWEET", not sci-fi, a drama. Check it out. Thx.

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Scripts By stephen

At first contact the government is deceived by Grays for a superior species who want their property back – the Earth and us, easy, except their key is on the run...
Web Series Pilot Drama, History, Sci-Fi For sale 128pp
3 readers love this script
The Sweet
A young man’s perfect start in life spirals into the urban dark side, where he’s loved back to order by a former gangster who might be the real life demon who caused his greatest pain.
Feature Drama For sale 125pp