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Stevan Šerban

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Stevan Šerban
Novi Sad, Serbia


Professional writer: Writer, screenwriter – radio, TV, comic books, theater, theater critic, short stories, poetry.

Education: University of Novi Sad, Faculty of Philosophy, Sociological Studies

Employment History:

Freelance writer:

Journals: writing about theater for: “Index”, “Pozorište”, “Dnevnik”, “Politika”,  1981. – 2000.

Different publishers: Poetry, short stories, comic book screenplays, essays, TV and radio screenplays, stage plays: 1982-2014.

Television: Author of television shows about theater  at TV Novi Sad 1993 – 1996. , directing music videos.

Theater: „Štefan Voli Meri“ stage play – writer/director, assistant director at KPGT theater group by Ljubiša Ristić

Founder of independent theater group „Teatar Laufer“


„Politika“ member of the jury at BITEF ( Belgrade International Theater Festival) 1998.


  •  Best Radio drama 1984, Radio Zagreb
  •  Best stage play, „Štefan Voli Meri“,  Skopje 1992
  •  New York Screenplay Contest, 2013 – finalist "Protectors of the Species" written by Stevan Šerban


  • New York Screenplay Contest, 2014 - Park Avenue Award Winner - "The Pizza Mafioso" written by Stevan Šerban
  • New York Screenplay Contest,  2015 - Empire Award Winner – “The Reincarnation Cop”

·Austin Film Festival, 2016 - second round – “The Bear Trap”, short screenplay

·New York Screenplay Contest, 2016 – finalist – “The Hairdresser”

·BlueCat Screenplay Competition, 2017 - semi finalist – “The Bear Trap”

·New York Screenplay Contest, 2017 - Grand Price Winner “Mad And Bad Fairy Tale”


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The Bear Trap
When a man tries to commit suicide in the forest, there is a little girl scout and finds him smoking a last cigarette.
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When four protected witnesses, each with a criminal past, are put in a single safe house to save money, the US Marshal supervising them will curse the day he ever took on the task.
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My Daddy Will Kill You All
In order to be retired, a hitman accepts a job that is totally contrary to his profession.
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