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Steve Cleary
Santa Barbara, United States

I'm busy producing my action comedy web series MANHEAT so feel free to use any of my "for free" scripts (just let me know you did!). 

If you like my material, please drop a like or a follow on my YouTube or Instagram as it will help me build my audience. Thanks!

Scripts By Steve

Lawn Boys
A recently-unemployed ad-man saves his buddy's lawncare business with a rebranding campaign targeting lonely housewives, but when a rival company begins a mass astroturf conversion, he must hone his new lawncare skills to stop him.
Feature Comedy For sale 96pp
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Hello, Euphoria
A depressed middle-aged man turns to high-intensity running as a means to induce a heart attack, but an obsession with a beautiful young co-ed jogger he encounters on the path changes his plan.
Short Thriller Available for Free 17pp