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Steve Cornwell
Letchworth Garden City, United Kingdom

I am a 40 year old writer, with a four completed screenplays to my name, along with a half hour sitcom pilot.

Always had an interest in writing and the hope of one day, somehow making that breakthrough and seeing one of my own on the big screen. (or any screen!)

Having spent the past years banging my head against the closed doors of Production Companies and Agencies alike, I find myself here looking for a different way in. The closest I came to advancing a script was having it taken on for their future slate, only for that company to go into administration while working on their current project range. Currently going through a phase of reinvigoration, looking around once more for new agencies/production companies or those that are more actively seeking scripts. Amazon Studios is still an option, although others online reviews make me scepticle about their practices and chances of success. But with that said, I am now at the point where I think anything is worth a go. Links to other filmmakers/writers has always been at zero, so no network ins to the industry, and as many others seem to have found, acting solely and fighting for your own interests is more than difficult!




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Scripts By Steve

Balancing work as an office temp, love life, daily casting calls and an inept agent is testing enough. With the support of her friends she may just be enjoying herself more than she realises.
TV Pilot Comedy For sale 31pp
1 reader loves this script
Aidan Moore loses his family over a case of mistaken identity and vows to fulfil Talion Law in their name against the city’s most ruthless lawbreaker using his own Russian Roulette setting against him.
Feature Action, Crime, Thriller For sale 90pp
Conspiracy of Power
One man’s uncontrollable weakness impacts on the lives of many as power and wealth are used to cover up and suppress the fight for truth and justice.
Feature Drama, Thriller For sale 105pp