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Steve Cross

Steve Cross is a freelance writer who lives in Poplar Bluff, MO. Cross is a retired English teacher who has published poetry, fiction and drama. He has been a quarterfinalist in both the Bluecat and the Fresh Voices screenplay contests. Through Script Revolution he has sold one screenplay. This past year, he has had one YA novel published and two others selected for publication. When not writing, he and his wife Jean enjoy spoiling the grandchildren. He works part time for Three Rivers Community College and loves Cardinals baseball.

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Scripts By Steve

Play Right
A bipolar drama teacher becomes a target for dismissal when he doesn't cast a school board member's daughter. He sinks into a despair that may ruin him.
Feature Comedy, Drama For sale 102pp
4 readers love this script
Heavenly Light
Three outcasts befriend one of the girls from the local residential care facility, and when she disappears, they have to uncover the town's dark secret to rescue their lost friend and to prevent other kidnappings.
Feature Comedy, Family, Fantasy, Mystery For sale 102pp
A mentally ill teenager must overcome bullying and his illness which includes hallucinations or else he will wind up killing himself just like his girlfriend who still haunts him (literally) did.
Feature Drama For sale 101pp