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Steve Cupp
Hamilton, United States

I am a happily married 49 year old tattoo artist from Hamilton, Ohio. I have three kids, two dogs, two cats, and one ex-wife. I have an art degree and a degree in electronic media from the College Conservatory of Music at the University of Cincinnati. I love motorcycles, traveling, movies, television, and art. I have owned and operated my own tattoo shop in Oxford, Ohio since 1997. 


I started writing ideas for screenplays in high school. After learning the rules and format I set out to write one. That was 30 years ago! Now I have a couple of them that I think are worth producing. 


My favorite movies are those that cost as little as possible to make. These include Get Low, The Full Monty, Napoleon Dynamite and others. The scripts I write reflect this in that neither green screens nor CGI will be needed to produce them.


Thanks for your time.

Scripts By Steve

Ode To Jeremiah
An alcoholic musician tries to cope with his newfound fatherhood and an imminent death in the family.
Feature Drama For sale 118pp
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