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I live on the page in the storyworld I create with friends/enemies called characters. I have more fun with the protags but the antags are much more interesting even though they often get me wound up. If you want to find me close your eyes and walk toward the firefight. When you do, I hope you're one of the good guys.

Scripts By Steve

Wounded Warriors
A psychiatrist specializing in PTSD frees her patient from an extremist group her patient is killed and she’s left for dead then a pound of flesh becomes a prelude to a coup.
Feature Action For sale 101pp
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An ex-Marine teams up with a father to unravel a mystery when his autistic daughter witnesses a terrorist plot but speaks a language only she understands.
Feature Action, Crime For sale 105pp
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Scales of Justice - Colombia
The hunted becomes the hunter when Nick takes a team to Colombia to take down a cartel kingpin and get his daughter out of harm's way.
Feature Action For sale 88pp
Smuggler's Blues
A really nice guy becomes the biggest marijuana smuggler in U.S. history.
Feature Action For sale 112pp
Scales of Justice
A wealthy man’s wife is killed by the Cartel for control of technology that tracks violent criminals.
Feature Action For sale 109pp
Scrambled Eggs
When mom dies her will requires her dysfunctional family to spend a week at a remote fishing cabin and work it out or they get no part of the estate.
Feature Comedy For sale 102pp