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I grew up in Dutchess county New York about 75 miles north of NYC. My family bought a farm and opened a Horseback Riding Stable in 1965 and I became a barn hand and a trail guide, by the age of ten I could handle any horse you threw at me. I shod (put horse shoes on) my first horse at the age of fifteen. By the early 1970's we switched to racing and breeding Standardbred horses.   I graduated from Arlington Central High School in 1979 and continued within the Standardbred horse racing industry, working for the top horsemen in the Northeast. I became a professional trainer-driver by the age of 21 and won my first pari-mutual race at Monticello raceway that same year. I opened my own public stable in 1983, racing horses at Saratoga Harness track for several years. After a long up and down career as a trainer-driver I hung up my racing colors and switched my career to farrier (horseshoer) and haven't looked back since. I got married to a beautiful school teacher in 1993 and together we explored and experienced a marriage that falls outside the boundries of traditional. They say the couple that plays together stays together, I couldn't agree more and it has been a wildly bonding experience. These days I am still a busy farrier serving the equine industry in my area of New York. I started writing screenplays twenty years ago based on my life, my experiences and what if this were to happen?

As of right now I am an unproduced writer that has written four feature screenplays and one pilot . Deadly Intention has placed well in several contests, most recently a quarterfinalist in the 2018 Scriptapoolza also 2018 and 2017 Bluecat quarterfinalist. Midnight's Redemption was a 2018 Austin Film Festival Screenplay Competition second rounder.

I write emotionally charged dramas that leans toward relationships, justice and vengence. If you have any interest in my work I am open to a collaborative effort to get the work produced.

What I have learned :

It’s a very personal thing to write a story, screenplay or otherwise. What winds up on the page is a big part of the person writing it and at times it can be difficult to know if what you have is of any value. Getting feedback from “professionals” in the form of paid coverage and or contest coverage is a subjective thing. The best you can hope for is that the reader was able to follow the hero’s journey from beginning to end without getting lost, whether they like what you wrote is a totally different subject. 

If I can achieve that goal then I believe I have accomplished what I set out to do. Can it be done differently or better or with more flare-style? Yes. Can the dialog be sharper, less chatty. Sure. Can we tighten up the narrative? Absolutely, but again all these things that are suggested are subjective too. What one area a person thinks needs work another thinks is fine and so on. So the only question I really have after the fact is did you like the story and if so do you want to do something with it?

This is where the rubber meets the road and when I get that far I am wide open to learning, collaborating and changing whatever I have to in order to make the best story possible.

Until then I'll just keep writing.

Best to you all.










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Scripts By Steve

Danny XY Kalifornia-feature
A meek young man struggling with his identity winds up in prison and reinvents himself as an empowered woman with nothing to lose.
Feature Drama For sale 122pp
2 readers love this script
The Ecstasy
A school teacher commits suicide after she is arrested at a Miami swingers club. A young lawyer must prove the arrest was the cause of her suicide; not her alternative lifestyle.
Feature Crime, Drama For sale 107pp
2 readers love this script
Danni XY Kalifornia-Pilot
Danni XY Kalifornia is the story of a transgender person's life from school bullying to prison rape to a life in porn and her death at age twenty five.
TV Pilot Drama For sale 60pp
1 reader loves this script
Midnight's Redemption
An outcast horseman and an abused racehorse win their way into the richest race in the history of the sport but to win they must defeat the man who nearly destroyed them both.
Feature Drama, Family, Sport For sale 124pp
1 reader loves this script
Deadly Encounter
After a young woman dies of AIDS, her lover and her identical twin sister track down the man responsible for giving her the virus.
Feature Drama For sale 100pp
1 reader loves this script